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Connecting to the Earth is easy and can be done outdoors by walking barefoot on the Earth's natural surfaces or indoors with one of our Earthing products. Our curated collections below will help you find what best suits your needs. Our starter kits are a great place to begin. A collection of Earthing products designed to provide a more restful and refreshing night's sleep. A collection of products designed to help the body recover from injury or excess stress on the body.

Our most versatile product collection designed to be taken and used anywhere. All of of the available earthing kits, from our Sleep, Recovery and "Everyday Use" collections. View our entire product line here. Here's what people are saying about Earthing products. We're here to help. Submit a request and one of our helpful Earthing customer service representatives will be in touch soon. Find what you seek Search.

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grounding bags

All Kits. Shop All Products View our entire product line here. Shop All Products. We're Here to Help Contact us below! Contact Us Today!Deep Sleep Grounding Bag. Mini Grounding Bag. Bundle Starter Pack. Email address Notify me when this product is available:. Collections: Tesla Crystals. Man-made EMF has a positive ionic charge. This positive charge is the opposite of ours and de-charges our eyes, teeth, thymus, and large intestine. The earth, ocean, and humans have a negative ionic charge.

To use the Grounding Bags to recharge your body, place one hand on the area eyes while the other taps the Grounding Bag. It is an Applied Kinesiology technique to recharge that area. It will 10X most people's energy within one minute. Image by astoltz from Pixabay. Moisture compressed Tesla Crystals Hand-mined hot sealed to preserve the integrity Natural earth resonance. Search 0 Cart. Home All Mini Grounding Bag. It is perfect for a purse or pocket.

You can also put it in your kids' backpack. It contains one solid, pick, Tesla rock nugget. Please keep it sealed and use it as-is. Many like to put the Mini Grounding Bag in their pocket with their cell phone on the outside. This is an ideal gift for everyone. It will help maintain its strength.Learn more. Try sleeping Grounded! They allow you to target specific sites on the body! Many products are currently out of stock due to unexpected demand.

We are doing the best to get new and improved products to you as well. If you want to leave us your email, we can personally contact you when we have the inventory you are looking for. Thank you for your interest in Grounding and Earthing! Please whitelist grounded. Earthing or Grounding is reconnecting your body to the subtle energy of the Earth. Learn how Earthing works and why it is so important. Stephen Sinatra explains some of the health benefits of Earthing in this video.

We are experts at Grounding because we all Ground ourselves! It is our mission to help you understand how easy, natural and powerful Grounding can be! About Grounded. Grounding Videos.

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grounding bags

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grounding bags

Grounded Movies. Wellness Products. All Products. Rate Grounding. Earthing Grounding Studies. User Guides. Medical Advisory.This high intensity level coupled with the generalized effect of the bag is perfect for treating chronic whole body conditions, as well as use by athletes looking to recover from heavy exertion in a short amount of time.

It is crucial now, more than ever to help boost and support your immune system and earthing can do just that. This small investment in your health will go a long way. The thread is woven into a grid pattern to ensure an even and strong connection across the entire sheet.

You can protect yourself again these dangerous waveforms by using products such as an EMF shield, available here. It is important to make sure the area you spend most of your time in, in-particular where you sleep is an EMF free zone. Grounding helps with reducing the body voltage caused by electricity, which comes from electronic devices such as televisions, cables and computers, radios and anything electrical.

Having a high voltage running through your body can cause inflammation which is why it is so important to earth yourself because so many problems and diseases are inflammation based. Be the first person to like this faq.

We test all of our grounding products twice before sending them out, this includes the plug and cable so we are very confident with the performance of our products. We also guarantee them for 1 year from the day of purchase, so we generally say after the 2 year mark we would recommend testing the products to make sure they are still working as they should be.

This can be done two ways:. Everyone reacts differently when they first start grounding meaning some people will feel the benefits almost immediately and others may take up to a few months. In scientific tests and research it shows that as little as 30 minutes grounded will show internal changes and benefits in-particular to your blood.

For some people they can ground for 3 months or so and not feel a huge difference, however when they stop, or go on holiday without taking the products with them it seems to be then that they notice just how much they are benefiting from being earthed.

They will both provide the same benefits, however there are different benefits to each depending on your set up. The grounding products will only work if the socket you are using is earthed, so it is important to know that the wall socket, adapter or extension lead you want to use is earthed. Legally properties in the US have to be earthed, however if you would still like to check for peace of mind you can do this with a Socket Tester.

Not all countries have a legal requirement for properties to be earthed so if you are using your grounding products abroad we always recommend taking a socket tester and earthed travel adapter with you to test the socket you want to use. There are numerous reasons why it is important to ground yourself and some of the benefits include better sleep, pain relief and protection again the effects of EMF to name a few.

One of the most important benefits for us is the anti-inflammatory benefits grounding brings. So many health problems are inflammation based these days such as arthritis, heart disease, asthma, sprains and strains amongst a long list of others so to tackle the root of the problem is extremely important and with inflammation reduction being one of the most obvious benefits of grounding it makes sense to introduce it as part of your daily life.

Also foot mats are great for general grounding because the feet are the most receptive part of the body due to having the most nerve endings per square inch. We have found that pillow cases work particularly well for migraines. On top of targeted grounding, we also recommend trying to sleep earthed as well.

grounding bags

In past experiments and feedback, we have found day time and night time grounding is the most effective way to heal and ease pain and inflammation. We will always try to recommend a product that would slot into your current lifestyle without having to make any major adjustments. In our experience we find the following scenarios are the best solutions to introduce grounding as part of your routine:.

In our experience we find the following to be the best solutions to introduce grounding as part of your routine:. If you suffer with chronic fatigue, we recommend starting with just half an hour to an hour a day of grounding and slowly working your way up to a full 8 hours a night while you sleep.

This is because grounding affects your energy levels, therefore starting slow is the ideal way for your body to naturally adjust and neutralize rather than suffering from an energy dump. Not all countries have a legal requirement for properties to be earthed so if you are using your grounding products abroad we always recommend taking a socket tester and earthed travel adapter with you to test the socket you want to use for peace of mind.

To use the products in America simply discard the plug and slot the pin end of the cable directly into the USA wall socket. For any other country you will need to use an earthed adapter.Deep Sleep Grounding Bag. Mini Grounding Bag. Bundle Starter Pack. All to give you a deeper, uninterrupted nights sleep.

Grounding Bag contains the healing pulse of the earth to repel EMF ground and recharge you. You will not find these magnetic, Tesla crystals sold anywhere else. They are the 1 solution to man-made EMF challenges, Guaranteed. Email address Notify me when this product is available:. I sleep better than ever now that I have a Grounding Bag under my bed.

My patients get a deeper, uninterrupted night sleep too. It's amazing! The instant I put a Grounding Bag under my desk, I felt an immediate calming sensation in my office. The Grounding Bag has made a significant difference for me in repelling all the polarizing vibrations of the wireless signals around my life in NYC. We're happy to answer any questions regarding EMF invisible stressors and our award winning Grounding Bags and solutions.

Search 0 Cart. Barre Paul Lando. Learn More. Doctors tested and recommended. Add to cart. Did you know? Rob Rettig, D. Howard Cohn, D. Jack Mantione, P. Quick View Email address Notify me when this product is available:.

Subscribe Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases, podcasts and more ….The Grounding Bag is used as-is to repel man-made EMF, while transmitting the natural healing pulse of the earth for a deep, uninterrupted sleep and cellular renewal. It is filled with 1lb. The more bags in your home or office the better. We recommend 3 bags for every 2, square feet. Tile floors are particularly effective conductors for the Grounding Bag, but it will work on all surfaces.

We also recommend putting one Grounding Bag in or under your bed or close to an injury or challenged area. Grounding Bags are mobile, so keep one in your car, purse or gym bag especially when near cell towers or other electronics.

See Dr.

Earthing for Health & EMF Protection

The Grounding Bag is a proven organic technology utilizing hand-mined, pink Tesla Crystals sealed within a military grade faraday bag. These magnetic, colloid crystals are exclusive to the Grounding Bag, and not available from any other source. Keep the bags sealed to protect the natural moisture content of the crystals that serve to amplify their action. The colloid crystals have especially powerful medicinal qualities when they are maintained in rock form.

Make no mistake, these microwave transmissions are every bit the hazard as ionizing radiation. I have tested the Grounding Bag personally utilizing wave form assessment technology, and found its effects extremely powerful in negating or reducing bodily reactions to Wi-Fi and cellular radiation. Share this product. The AV Difference. Barre Paul Lando. Previous Product. Next Product. Related products.

Grounding Recovery Bags

Search for: Search.Download the user guide for this product. For general information about connecting to Earth, see the section How to be Grounded on our About Grounding page. All our products have built in protection resistance so they are completely safe.

There is no connection to the mains itself — only the Earth pin is metal, with the others being plastic. If you have any doubt about whether your mains system is properly earthed, we advise using a socket tester to check. Go back. Connection plug for use in Switzerland. Can also be used in other European countries, by removing the Swiss pins.

There is no connection to the mains itself. Use the European socket tester in conjunction with the connection plug for Switzerland. Connection plug suitable for outlet types J, L and N. Use the European socket tester in conjunction with this connection plug. Use the European socket tester in conjunction with the connection plug for South Africa. Since it is not uncommon for sockets of this type to be missing an Earth connection, this connection option includes a socket tester to verify correct socket wiring.

Note that not all outlet sockets of this type have a 3rd pin for Ground. Sockets with only 2 pins cannot be used for grounding, and so a grounding rod must be used instead. The worldwide adapter set is suitable for use in most countries around the world. It covers the following socket types:. If you have any doubt about whether your mains system is properly earthed, and especially when travelling, we advise using a socket tester to check.

The Socket tester Europe can be used with this adapter set to test any socket. If you don't have a properly earthed mains outlet for example some European houses or a pres house in the United Statesthen you can instead use a grounding rod kit to make a connection directly with the ground outside.

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